YESS Studio

YESS is a co-design studio and consultancy that specialises in empowering social enterprise (SE). YESS believes that design thinking and its tools and techniques can be applied to help SE reach their potential by bolstering value and identifying opportunities. SE is the future of business, as it considers the triple bottom line in order to function in a sustainable manner. Therefore it is important that SE’s are nurtured and encouraged to grow.
The short term goals of YESS are to:

  • Undertake project collaborations with SE’s,
  • Provide a collection of easily accessible resources

The long term goals of YESS are to:

  • Nurture and grow the SE community
  • Create a design thinking toolkit that SE’s can use independently

This outcome will be achieved by creating a business plan and pilot enterprise to present to Social Traders Mindy Leow, and to be put through their ‘Crunch’ program later in the year. With Mindy’s support, YESS will approach one or more social enterprises to collaborate on trial projects in July through to October. The ideal outcome will be a fully functioning, co-design studio that can launch in 2013, with the support of seed funding and partners.

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Design thinking for social innovation

“Design thinking for social innovation.” A great summary.

“Designers have traditionally focused on enhancing the look and functionality of products. Recently, they have begun using design techniques to tackle more complex problems, such as finding ways to provide low-cost healthcare throughout the world. Businesses were the first to embrace this new approach—called design thinking—and nonprofits are beginning to adopt it too. “

The idea of ‘positive deviance’- where there are uncommon occurrences of something being successfully achieved, and looking at how this can be applied more broadly to a community.

Find the article here.

Knowledge Connect

Connecting you to social impact thinking worldwide.

‘Knowledge Connect is a quarterly literature review of the latest thinking on social impact. Knowledge Connect provides succinct summaries of publications noteworthy to social sector leaders and innovators. Through its editorial selection from a broad and eclectic range of international sources, Knowledge Connect seeks to stimulate dialogue within the social sector. Knowledge Connect issues will be uploaded to this site each quarter. We encourage you to engage in discussion through adding your comments to the site.’