Beaten to the ‘design in enterprise’ punch.

This section contains tips and strategies to enable businesses to think about their firm’s orientation to design, become innovative and help businesses become more design savvy and ultimately step up the Design Innovation Ladder.  Firms that are high on the Design Innovation Ladder generally outperform their lower counterparts across a number of financial, economic, and social/environmental parameters.

I’ve been beaten to it. YESS already exists! Minus the social aspect.

So perhaps my concept is still viable…


A little sketch, based on Dana Arnett’s

Listening to Dana Arnett speak at agIdeas last week, I thought of this little sketch. Dana was discussing working for love, for people and for the planet, and how this must be balanced with the need to be paid. He showed us a sketch of the seesaw. Taking it a step further, I suggest that design and innovation can help keep the balance.

Government support of design in business

‘The Premier’s Design Awards’ competition is now open!

“The Premier’s Design Awards have a unique and prestigious position in Victoria. They illustrate the latest in design thinking both from Victorian designers and Victorian businesses that use design, demonstrating excellence and innovation.

The Premier’s Design Awards recognise and reward excellence and leadership in the use of design, where design has been used effectively, sustainably and strategically to innovate, increase market share, boost productivity and/or boost competiveness and exports.”

If you fulfill the criteria, please enter and tell us how you go.