Work connect


Lots of things being reported by my Social + Sustainable studio fellows in the field of finding work. I’m glad the entrepreneurs are onto it! I wonder how this will change the workforce. Will it make it easier to find a good match, or harder to sift through the various sites and apps to make it work? There is still little for breaking into a new career, so fingers crossed my project still has a place.






So we’re clear

These are the people my project targets. Congratulations/apologies to all the friends and family featured! Something that has been with the project from the beginning is the relevancy. Each part of the career change process I can identify with through some contact or the other. This is strong evidence that your connection’s connections will be a powerful resource.

Be adaptable and skilled

“What we can compete on is being highly flexible, highly adaptable, highly skilled and moving up the value chain, and what we have to do is make sure we’ve got the capacity to do that. Now ultimately that’s not about Government picking winners, it’s about Government making sure that we’ve got the circumstances – particularly the skill level in our people – that enable firms to tap those opportunities.

Now obviously that change is never easy but it really is the only path we have to ensuring we grow our prosperity in the decades ahead. That is to be highly, highly skilled, highly adaptable nation that is able to find our place in the markets that are growing on our doorstep.”