Activating Change Mid-Sem Review

Where to start?? Mick invited fellow Social Studio member Zac and I to attend the mid-semester review for his class and provide some feedback and guidance. Zac and I were described as ‘sustainability guru’ and ‘founder of YESS’ respectively, what titles! We had big expectations to meet! We were joined by recent grad Tim, lecturer and food activist Juliette and later by Alissa of FYA.

The students have been working alone or in groups to create change in areas they are passionate about. These include the Victorian fishing industry, food waste, social sustainability, art, education and community gardens. Some of the groups have already been very active, hosting events as shown in the posters above and below. All in all these have been a great success, showing that in order to achieve something, you should just get things happening straight away, don’t worry about months of preparation to make it perfect, just get your hands dirty and things will get moving!

It was great to see what they have done and it will be even better to see where they go with the rest of semester. Providing feedback was also a good experience, it was nice to be on the other side after 4 years of my own presentations!


Ella and Emma


Ella and Emma are two students in Mick Douglas’ Activating Change elective at RMIT. They both have big plans for world change and together they are making it happen. They each have their own mission, but their agendas compliment each other nicely, resulting in a very powerful relationship. Keep an eye on what they’re up to at their website, because they keep a fascinating blog and the result of a semester’s hard work is shaping up to be quite epic.

My interests line up well with Ella and Emma’s. We’ve had some great discussions over good food and I can see we will be working together a fair bit in the future. Thanks to you girls for the shared ideas, events, resources and brainstorms.