Alissa, FYA

On the 23rd of April I joined the Activating Change 1st/2nd year elective run by Mick Douglas. Fellow RMIT student Ella invited me after she came to our studio’s mid-sem review and realised we have similar interests. We went to Thousand Pound Bend for a coffee and Alissa Phillips of the Foundation of Young Australians came along to chat to us about her experience in social change. She had started s.p.a.c.e. as a youth in 2007 to satisfy a need in her community.

“Specialised Programs And Community Endeavours (s.p.a.c.e) is an independent community centre. What makes s.p.a.c.e unique is our special interest in supporting social inclusion, inparticular, those of members of the community with special needs.”

Alissa now works for FYA, running workshops with young people, among other things. Her story was very inspiring, she has proved that if you believe in something, people will rally around you and together you can get it done. Alissa mentioned also that successful change makers are ‘the ones who know their why.’ Alissa is quite excited by what the Activating Change elective is up to and has come to a few RMIT events since to get further involved. It’s great to see different disciplines believing that they could both benefit from the sharing of skills, ways of thinking, ideas and passions.