Design and social enterprise in India

My exchange in India was very enlightening and one thing that struck me about the country is that NGO’s are huge! I mean to say that they seem to be really popular, heaps of people start them, run them, get involved. And design is a surprisingly common ingredient. Since I’ve got back I’ve always thought if I can’t find a social sustainability design job a bit closer to home, I’ll head back to Gujarat and easily find work there.

Please click here for a full post about it over at my India exchange blog, but the one that is really relevant to me is the HoneyBee network, including GIAN.

GIAN searches for innovations in rural India that, with a bit of help, could make it big all over the country. Many of these are farming or household task improvements, which would therefore make a fortune if successful. This is a perfect example of merging industrial design with social sustainability and business.