Designers who run social enterprises?

Are there any out there? I will add to this post as I discover them.

Emily Pilloton of Project H Design would have to be one, though whether her organisation can be described as an enterprise or not…

This led to the discovery of a few more sites.

TinyGOOD is a not-for-profit collective of designers, thinkers, and creative problem solvers who are passionate about design as a tool for community intervention and development.

We use our talents to design practical solutions for community-building organizations in order to amplify the impact of their efforts. We work with partners (organizations, associations, NGO’s, non-profits, local governments, etc.) who are working to achieve positive change within the San Francisco Bay Area community.

Their method is to spend the first day on the job as a volunteer for the organisation, getting their hands dirty and and making observations that could spark change. Anybody is welcome to volunteer and come on board for the project. After the ‘completion’ of the project, they again volunteer and put out and open invite. The process cycles through again.

COMMONstudio develops and deploys creative responses to the diverse challenges of today.

Drawing on a range of disciplines and perspectives, we work directly with clients and communities to define and assess challenges, identify opportunities, and co-develop unique and actionable design responses to those challenges.

Translated from Spanish:

Razon Social is a team of creative professionals based in Mexico City, concerned about applying our knowledge, tools and processes in solutions that promote social development. nonprofit work with organizations and communities in various localities, to solve problems basic as access to safe water, sanitation, education, health and nutrition. Our team consists of young professionals from different areas: architectural, industrial and graphic designers, filmmakers, artists, engineers and students from the same areas. We are a group volunteers, who in addition to our full-time jobs, take time and creativity to develop projects in a humane manner. We are the “executive arm” of organizations and communities who lack the tools and means to solve problems through devices, objects , aids and other design solutions. Our interest in social development has no boundaries or rely on governments or private companies, but we work as partners with these two sectors to generate comprehensive solution.