Keep them curious

I finally found this article I mentioned a few weeks ago about getting kids literally addicted to learning. I think it’s something we should all apply! If we had this attitude our entire lives, a career change would never seem daunting, just a change to learn new things.


Resilience and curiosity

I had a chat to Soumitri on Friday about my project. He helped me distill the essence of my topic area. It’s not really unemployment, it’s not really job cuts, it’s not really saving on your electricity bill. It’s about being resilient to change. Being adaptable in an evolving workforce and lifestyle.

According to this article, “Each Gen Y will have 5 careers and 20 different employers across their working lifetimes.” Gone is the idea that you will spend your life working your way up from the photocopy room to the board room. Younger workers, and increasingly older ones, are demanding more from their workplaces, mostly in the form of development opportunities. Employees expect their employers to help them to grow and learn. In return are very loyal and dedicated, for the four or so years that they work there.

I also read an article the Age’s Sunday Life magazine this morning called “A curious life,” about why parents should keep their children inquisitive. It explained that if you encourage a┬ácuriosity┬áto find out more, children’s brains consider it a challenge and release a hit of dopamine when they’ve found the solution. They literally become addicted to learning.

If we could wire adults so that they are eternally curious, they would see change as a challenge, not a hindrance, and job hunting might even be fun, rewarding and addictive. I like the idea of someone loving job hunting so much that it disrupts their work life! Now that would be a poetic and humorous project.