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Last week was all things design, around 50 speakers over 4 days. I’m exhausted! And inspired. Notes and crappy iphone photos arriving here over the coming week.


Women in Social Enterprise

A few ladies from my studio and I attended this event on May 2nd. Zac was meant to come but I think the estrogen put him off. It was very inspiring! See 54.10 for my question on how they encouraged people to believe in the new markets that they were creating.

The event was hosted by Jan Owen, CEO, The Foundation for Young Australians and the speakers were:

A few of my favourite quotes (unfortunately I forget who said what):

“If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it”

“People don’t invest in what you do, they invest in why you do it”

“Have a thought-through idea”

Design and social enterprise in Melbourne

 Again a perfect blend of design (fashion in this case) with social sustainability and business, but closer to home, we have The Social Studio, an old favourite of mine.

I undertook a project with these guys back in 2010 that, again, I won’t stop talking about. That is these bike market stalls. Industrial Design working with social enterprise. This raises the question- Is it enough to design for a social enterprise, or do we need to somehow make the design process socially sustainable too? Would the ultimate idea be training refugees and migrants to build the bikes too?

‘We are a social enterprise tackling social exclusion through exciting, neighbourhood improvement projects. CoDesign works with communities, governments and service providers. Together we create new types of public spaces that transform neighbourhoods into thriving sustainable places to live and work.’

CoDesign Studio was started by Lucinda Hartley, a landscape architecture grad. She’s in her late twenties, so no need to ‘wait till monday’ to start something!

‘The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) exists to identify and support the innovative ideas, methods and people that will contribute to and accelerate positive social change.  To turn bold ideas into better lives.’ More on this later.