Mid Semester Pitch

A description of my project and how it will make a change.


Post-presentation, the gang

A glimpse at some of the other fantastic projects in our ‘Social and Sustainable’ Studio, and my attempt to describe them in one sentence. We’ve got some pretty cool things going on, go team!

Starting above with Siobhan Cribbin: redesigning primary school education.

Zachary Beal: investigating sustainable food production in cities.

Ee Teck: human powered fun at festivals.

Ee Teck with his collection of prototypes: this one is a machine you crank which can then record and replay sounds.

Charles Skender: water conservation in the shower.

Siobhan reading one of the many books that were produced for the presentation.

Phillipe: 3D printers for sustainable consumption.

Michell McDonell: sustainable fabric waste.

Kate Osca Vella: eco sustainability in Geelong SME’s, my counterpart in the eco space.

Chris Herman: dog waste to biogas fuel for park lights, working with Yarra council.

Ash Smith: sustainable clothes washing of the future.

Bryce Tayleur: making hearing more accessible in Australia.

Rebekah Crawford: mapping and improving sustainability in Malvern East.

Unfortunately lacking images, we also have-

Bolaji Teniola: sustainable, artisan footwear in Australia.

Charlotte Hannah: a clothing share system and app.

Credit for all images goes to Charlotte Hannah.


These are some snap shots from my presentation on Social Innovation, Design and Enterprise (S.I.D.E. if you have a better name please let me know). I was explaining my first semester of research and the conclusions that I had come to:

  1. What the area of SIDE looks like now
  2. What I want it to look like in the future
  3. How to get there.
Please click here for a closer look at my poster, or here for a closer look at the book that I produced.

The presentation materials were supplied by social enterprises in order to prove the point that consumers can turn to these businesses for high quality products and services that are in their local area and have a the bonus of being a feel-good purchase. Blouse by Dear Gladys, African donuts and fruit balls by The Social Studio, paper by Green Collect and book inspiration thanks to Beehive.

The panel for my presentation consisted of lecturers Soumitri and Liam, Centre of Design’s Simon Lockrey,  VEIL’s (Victorian Eco-Innovation Lab) Jessica Bird, industrial designer Justin Hutchinson, fashion designer Georgia McCorkill of the Red Carpet Project and Service Design and DESIS’ Yoko Akama.

I was given some great advice and ideas in the feedback time, with the one of the best comments being from Georgia, something along the lines of ‘I’m usually afraid of the whole topic of social enterprise, but now it makes sense to me’. That was pretty exciting because one of the biggest challenges of the semester has been clearly explaining my area of interest.

All in all a successful presentation, I think my poster design skills are slowly getting better, thanks mostly to the highly talented graphic designerly types in the class, and Soumitri’s Japanese aesthetic lectures. And the snacks went down a treat!

Credit for all the images goes to Charlotte Hannah.