The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) exists to identify and support the innovative ideas, methods and people that will contribute to and accelerate positive social change.  To turn bold ideas into better lives.

We are a social innovation laboratory which creates, tests and incubates ideas, methods and projects for addressing unmet social needs and helping more people lead thriving lives. We are also committed to finding, creating and sharing better methods for innovation in the social sphere.’

One of my favourite TACSI initiatives, is ‘Solved‘, a website that allows the sharing of solutions to social problems. You can participate by uploading a great solution you’ve seen in action, or have undertaken yourself, and you can search the solutions others have put up and see if they apply to your area. I think this collective learning is the best way that social sustainability will not only gain publicity, awareness and acknowledgement, but also for it to grow exponentially in intelligence.

A few Melbourne examples that have been posted:

An app that allows you to photograph problems in your neighbourhood and send them straight to your council.

A site that aims to support men going through hard times, focussing on suicide prevention.

An organisation that takes over restaurants on Monday nights when they are usually closed and trains marginalised youth in hospitality.